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Blood of Strangers
The Blood of Strangers

The Blood of Strangers
Stories from Emergency Medicine

Macmillan, 2004

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Praise for The Blood of Strangers

If Raymond Carver had been a doctor, these are the stories he would have written. There are no untarnished heroes here. This is the world as it is: lovely and disturbing all at once.

— Atul Gawande

Moving…. What characterizes each of these miniatures is the candor in which they are offered, and their authenticity.

— San Francisco Chronicle

Dr. Huyler’s short, intense book treats of only the most important matters: life and death. His prose is nearly invisible, and therefore it allows us to see what he is talking about. And once we see it, we are not likely to forget it. This is a young writer with a big mind-and an even bigger heart.

– Paul Auster

The author of these doctor stories is an E.R. physician as well as a poet, and his work shows the economy and sharp attention that both jobs demand.

— The New Yorker

This haunting, exquisitely observed collection of medical vignettes is much more than a compilation of odd cases from the emergency room. Huyler probes beneath the surface to reveal the marrow of his encounters with patients…[inviting] the reader behind the drape.

— Publishers Weekly (starred review)

A work of deep insight, whose tense prose echoes the sharp drama of the ER.

— Jerome Groopman, M.D.

In lyrical and beautifully controlled prose, Frank Huyler takes us into the world of emergency medicine and in the process manages to leapfrog over all our preconceptions, erase all the stereotypes that television and movies have given us. This is a wonderful debut by a gifted writer and doctor.
— Abraham Verghese

He writes so beautifully, in that humble, simple way that is very affecting… It’s very compassionate, filled with detail and just splendid, lucid sentences.”
— Peter Carey, Entertainment Weekly

About the Blood of Strangers

Hailed by The Boston Globe as "a compact, faceted gem that shines with intelligence," this stunning collection offers a startling and moving look at people whose lives are on the line and the men and women who try to keep them from crossing it. These twenty-eight vignettes seamlessly juxtapose visceral portrayals of life-and-death medical situations with lyrical meditations on the world of medicine and the world at large.

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