Crohn’s disease, Cooking with Cannabis, Tyranny in Politics Webinar

I should start this blog by giving some background to myself here. I wrote about the legalization of marijuana back in 1968 for a high school term paper. I now have a college education and many years of experience with a certificate in hypnosis among other things.

In deciding to follow my passion and get involved in the marijuana industry, I felt that writing a blog and sharing experiences would help fill in the gap for may people. The focus of the blog is more about my concerns for the reader whose issues are not being addressed. For that and other reasons I am hosting a Webinar on Thursdays on Skype and Google Hang- outs under the Cannabis Couch Surfers name. I would like to invite other people who want to be featured to contact me. I will be focusing one blog a week on benefits and charities that are of interest to the field. For this reason I am planning on writing twice a week for now subject to re- evaluation based upon the response I get.

One of the many common issues that the conditions we discuss have is pain and chronic discomfort. What I have found is that when you ingest marijuana in food , brownies or other forms, it lasts longer. However , when you are experiencing sharp pain or an extreme episode often smoking can enhance the passage of that into some thing less painful. For many people the anxiety over the legal issue blocks their acceptance because we all value our freedom , or what’s left of it. For this reason I bring up the possibility and suggestion of asking your doctor for advice because Marinol can be prescribed and then that would cover you for a job urine test or government action in that it would certify your medical condition as one that responds to medical marijuana and is sanctioned by your health care provider as a medical necessity. A doctor can prescribe it for appetite, menstrual cramps, or any of the 10 conditions it has been approved for. Many people find the CBD oil also gives then the relief they are looking for.
If you have additional questions or concerns please contact me here.