Medical Marijuana

Making Medical Marijuana work for you

Medical marijuana has many benefits if it is managed properly. One of the biggest concerns shared by many is the legal concern, so let’s address that first. My best suggestion for that is to have a conversation with your Doctor to decide if marinol is right for you. It is in the PDR book, so any doctor can write you a prescription for it. Once you have a prescription for Marinol , you will not fail a drug test because of your marijuana use if you show the lab your prescription bottle. Once past that major hurdle you can do a lot. If you decide it is right for you , you can take advantage of rubbing it on your skin to help with eczema, rashes and other skin conditions that are not responding to whatever else you are doing. Many have found that their skin cancer responds to cannabis oil. For those that want a longer lasting or alternative delivery, you can ingest it. Magical Butter is a new appliance that makes ingestion, cooking and general inclusion of cannabis in the diet , extremely easy.