Marijuana can improve your exercise effectiveness

One of THE most important thing in any exercise routine is target intensity. You want to focus on a certain area or muscle group with each exercise regime. Marijuana use can help motivate and focus your mind by using progressive relaxation techniques. People who use marijuana with their exercise routine report more concentration and a better pump to the muscle group because they motivate and focus their mind accordingly. The brain is the most powerful tool we have. If we channel its energy with a reward or stimulation , it always responds much better. You become more aware of what you are doing and how it makes your body feel better. Pumping oxygen into your blood is great and exercising your lungs is even better because oxygen in the blood stimulates healthy growth.

This may not be for every one especially if you are clumsy or find your self off balance. You will know by trying some simple exercises like sit ups or push ups to see how you react when you stand up. Some people actually learn to seek this kind of experience because it releases endorphin. You might call it a self induced rush.I am not sure it matters what you call it because exercise is good for you if done properly, often with good supervision.

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